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Friday, 20 June 2014

Justice Watch (Human Rights, Courts, Prisons)

The Human Rights Commission (HRC) wants GRZ to build modern prison infrastructure to reduce prison congestion. HRC is concerned “with the deplorable conditions in Zambian prisons and police cells in the country..[which] are not fit for human habitation”. It is also calling on GRZ to end use of torture in investigations and interrogation by law enforcement officers and make it a criminal offence [Source: Mwebantu]

The Parliamentary Committee on Legal Affairs has recommended that the employment freeze in the Judiciary be lifted because “shortage of staff is affecting the delivery of justice”. Jack Mwiimbu MP (Committee Chairperson) says the delivery of justice in Zambia is suffering from critical “shortage of staff and infrastructure”. There's a public sector recruitment which is hampering many areas of government especially justice [Source: Times of Zambia]

President Sata recently reappointed Justice Chibeskunda as acting Chief Justice, a decision which has annoyed other Supreme Court Judges. They regard Chibesakunda as largely corrupt and only interest in self-enrichment. The judges believe PF has abandoned its promises of undertaking judicial reforms and have systematically reduced the independence of the judiciary for political expedience. The positions of chief and deputy justices remain vacant substantively [Source: Daily Nation]

Government has given the Zambia Prisons Service K3 million for the purchase of maize from the Food Reserve Agency for its new installing Kalonga Milling plant. The plant has the capacity to produce 80 tonnes of mealie meal per day and it requires 584,000 by 50 kilogramme bags of maize per year to operate at full capacity. GRZ believes the Prisons Service and Zambia National Service must step up in food production to help cushion the rise in food prices [ Source: Times of Zambia]

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