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Saturday, 2 August 2014

This Week They Said

“They are preaching bad omen against the President but at the same time they want to see him … we want to ask through our party leadership at national level not to allow this to happen because their thinking is negative. The calls for the opposition to meet the President are in bad faith and should not be condoned because the President is working as he should be in line with the mandate that the Zambian people gave to him and the PF”
(PF Kapiri Mponshi)

“We will have zones in various districts. We will control [marijuana] by using it for commercial purposes...It will not only bring in money [around $15 billion annually] but we are going to employ about 300, 000 youths which will benefit the country. We are going to abolish the Drug Enforcement Commission. We won’t need it and their functions can be taken by other law enforcement agencies.”
(Green Party)

“When we were campaigning in 2011 we promised jobs to young people and for the last two years we have not done much in that area. This year I was told by the Clerk at the National Assembly that they will be paying me 250,000 as part of my gratuity and I told myself, I surely do not deserve this package, so I approached Indo Zambia Bank for this loan which we will use to create jobs for our young people.”

Mr Lubinda has been MP for 13 years and there is nothing that has changed significantly since he took over. If he contests in 2016 meaning he will be looking to be an MP for 20 years which is a long time and shows that he cannot survive without politics"
(Aspiring candidate)

“I agree with those raising concern because it is an expensive venture to send patients outside the country. But let me say that people should also understand that we have started off in the direction of bringing that to an end. They should also realise that there are three elements to this with the first being infrastructure development, secondly acquisition of equipment and the third being the need for specialists. The first two are easier and quicker to implement but they will be useless without the right human capital in place"
(Health Minister)

We all know the kind of government Kaunda led. It was a dictatorship whose philosophy has no place in our modern democracy. We refuse for the PF government to return this country to the days of “by air” militias. If some of the members of these churches have committed a crime, please arrest them. You can arrest them in their homes, on the street, or at their work places. Please do not go and disrupt a church services and check NRCs of those in attendance. This is not the Zambia we expect.

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