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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Annual Sabbatical

Dear Friends,

As is customary since we started the Zambian Economist (website and Facebook page) in 2007, we taking some weeks off to recharge the batteries and switch off from social media and active writing. Over the years we have come to value this period.

This means that we wont be reached through the website, Facebook or Twitter. We also will not be able to respond to non-urgent emails or queries or requests for interviews until 7 January 2015.

Many thanks for your continued readership. We are certainly astonished by the progress of this website and its enormous growth in readership. We are even more shocked by how our Facebook Page has also grown over the last year. We started off with 25k facebook readers and ended the year now just under 50k facebook readers.  

In fact our reach at through social media has been well over 100,000 reads often for certain post. Combining the website, facebook and Twitter has often meant our digital foot print is well above that. We are being read and doing our bit to encourage discussion of economic issues. We are also trying very hard to promote other platforms about Zambia which share the same ideals of meaningful debate and analysis. 

It is fair to say that 2014 has been a roller coaster. We particularly enjoyed the debate on the fiscal and monetary challenges. And very saddened by the death of President Michael Sata. The death has plunged Zambia into great political and  economic uncertainty as it enters 2015.

Its fair to say that 2015 is shaping up to be a very crucial year for the country, particularly with the presidential by-elections and what it means for the national Budget, the current PF infrastructure programme, labour and mining issues.

We must also not that we are only 19 months away from the 2016 General Elections, unless the incoming president decides to dissolve parliament sooner because he or she is unable to govern with the MPs in the House.

What is clear is that economic analysis has never been more desperately needed! And we hope to be here to contribute a small bit to these issues from 15 January 2015, God willing!

Wishing you a very special Christmas!

Every blessing,

Chola Mukanga
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