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Thursday, 12 February 2015

Zambia's new cabinet

President Edgar Lungu's has named his new full cabinet  :

President- Edgar Lungu
Minister of Defence - Edgar Lungu
Vice President - Inonge Wina
Finance - Alexander Chikwanda
Home Affairs -Davies Mwila
Foreign Affairs- Harry Kalaba
Mines - Christopher Yaluma
Transport and Communication - Yamfwa Mukanga
Education- Dr. Michael Kaingu (MMD)
Justice - Ngosa Simbyakula
Health - Dr. Joseph Kasonde
Agriculture -Given Lubinda
Commerce- Margaret Mwanakatwe
Tourism and Arts -Jean Kapata
Information - Chishimba Kambwili
Local Government and Housing - John Phiri
Lands and Natural Resources - Christabel Njimbu
Labour - Fackson Shamenda
Community Develooment-Emerine Kabanshi
Chiefs and Traditional Affairs- Dr. Joseph Katema
Gender - Nkandu Luo
Youth and Sport - Vincent Mwale (MMD)

President Lungu has gone for the Mwanawasa formula of staying on as Defence Minister. That worked well under Mwanawasa and it saves money. We are not at war so it makes perfect sense.

At present 'Works and Supply' and 'Energy' remqin under their old ministries. This may change in light of President Lungu's recent statements about decoupling.

It is certainly good to see that mines and transport continues with the same ministers. There's a lot at stake in these areas. Also pleased to see the highly competent Emerine Kabanshi reappointed.

It's worth noting that this is first time under PF that opposition MPs seat as full cabinet ministers. President Sata only appointed them as deputies. Another lesson from Mwanawasa. Interestingly enough, unlike Sata's approach Lungu's appointments seem to have the blessing of MMD president Nevers Mumba.

The casualties are as expected : Guy Scott, Emmanuel Chenda, Wilbur Simusa, Bob Sichinga and Mwansa Kapeya. The absence of Scott is more telling because President Lungu could have created a ministry without portfolio for him. Though that would have met criticism as a costly act of patronage.

Chola Mukanga 
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