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The Zambian Economist has been in existence since February 2007. It is founded and maintained by Chola Mukanga. Since then it has moved from “blogspot” URL to a self-standing domain. During that period, it has also given birth to the House of Chiefs ( with the sole focus on discussing issues related to traditional authorities in Zambia (political, economic and social).

The readership of this website has grown substantially since its conception. The current readership is over 70,000 page views a month (as at December 2013). This is very positive given the “analytical” nature of the website and given that we have only recently moved to a self-standing domain. In terms of geographical coverage, whilst most of the access is abroad, more than a third of traffic is accessed by people within Zambia and this has been rising as use of internet expands.

In terms of access, we have around 50,000 + fans picking this up via Facebook ( and Twitter ( and We have over 2000 subscribers who receive regular emails (again the trend here has been upward with many positive feedback and only 1 drop rate per every 3 months or so - people clearly love the facility). This is a great way to keep in touch and allows people either to get posts in a batch or daily. We recently launched two twitter services (for specific issues of interest and news/blogs update services both linked to the website).

Our agenda

Our mission is to provide “a non-political platform for exchanging ideas on the many issues facing our nation”. This is not to say political issues are not discussed here, we do as politics and economics tend to be inseparable (see the tag cloud on politics). It essentially means three things:

Information: It is our hope that this website will enable everyone to learn more about Zambia (a sort of independent economic source about our country). Often as individuals and citizens, we build up "priors" or preconceived ideas. It is good to have a place where we can get accurate and unbiased informed in order to refine our  perspective on life and issues facing Zambia.

Ideas: We can learn as individuals from a closed room! But our culture emphasises the village community and the beauty of interactions. Learning together allows us to interact with other Zambians (and friends of Zambia) thinking about the same issues and generate ideas. We aim to offer an opportunity to generate ideas, freedom to debate and ask questions, with the full certainty that an answer will pop up from another contributor.

Influencing : We want to see Zambia become better than it is. It is deeply frustrating to see that often the politics get in the way of intelligent and effective dialogue on life and death issues. Many Zambians just want to see things get done, regardless of the chitenge you wear. More importantly, many Zambians have the solutions to make our nation better, but have no avenue for influencing decision makers. Zambian Eocnomist is a small step towards providing a forum where good ideas are communicated to movers and shakers in the country. Its respected and widely read by policy makers, politicians and business leaders at home and abroad! 

Get involved

If you share our passion for Zambia, especially our poorest in society or have any questions regarding anything posted here, we would love to hear from you. Please drop us an email. Most important we would value any financial support you may wish to make to secure the long term of this website. This is a hobby project and we are keen secure it for the future. Thanks!

b>Right to Reply

The Zambian Economist publishes a range of thoughts and comments on a number of areas. These include direct opinion pieces on events and reviews of books or other published works. We recognise that opinions by nature can vary from person to person. To foster dialogue and maintain balance, we welcome responses and guest blog submissions from those directly affected. These can either be left on the website or sent via email. All responses will be published in line with the Comments Policy, unless specifically directed by the author not to do so.


The Zambian Economist welcomes your thoughts, consultancy requests and guest blog submissions via email :