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A random selection of comments on what people say about the Zambian Economist :
I have been following the Zambian Economist for several years now and use it as a main source of information on Zambia when I am out of the country. I appreciate the articles and the open discussions as well as the ideas discussed to move Zambia and Zambians forward. 
- Josh
I've been meaning to send this message for a while, but have procrastinated over long! I stumbled upon your blog a year ago, as I was looking for reviews for Dambisa Moyo's "Dead Aid" book. Your review was very well written, insightful, and offered logical arguments. It was very heartening to see a fellow Zambian with a clear understanding of economic principles write such a piece. I have been following your writings since then, and have come to rely on them to spur conversations in my peer groups, and to keep myself better informed on the economic and development issues in Zambia...Thank you for the work that you do. I am sure it is not easy given other obligations in your work and family life. Where it once would have been easy to just shrug and say "well, can I do?" you challenge me to do more with what I have, and help bring meaningful change.
- Bwalya
Great blog, Zambia is not a country that I have always follow however this great blog will allow me to follow the economic development of Zambia. I think Brick World Zambia Limited is a great company. My thought is that local made home product will lower the cost of construction and make home ownership or rent affordable to millions of Africans. I will consider investing in this company in the future. 
- Lewis
I would like to thank you for the continous inspiration your blog is. As a political scientist and writer for the dutch page of CongoForum i'm impressed with your efforts to inform the world about Zambia. My wife, a native Zambian, and I are especially worried about the ongoing expansion of public influene by the Banda administration into non-public areas such as NGO's and, now, media. Keep up the good work,
- Geert
I enjoy reading your blogs and the contributors' comments on Zambian Economist on a regular basis. I'm 21 years old, a 2nd year university student studying Economics and International Relations at UWE Bristol. Where are you based at the moment? I've long been passionate about constructive discussion and debate when it comes to considering the Zambian situation. For a very long time, and sadly even up to today, our political leaders have failed to heed the advice of professionals that understand various areas such as economics, law, healthcare. As we are all too aware, personal benefit, pride and corruption tend to be the forces that drive their decision-making. I hope and pray that they will soon realise the importance of constructive debate for the good of our country. We've been talking and talking and talking for decades and personally, I'm tired of talking! How I pray that we have a government that listens to the views of others...Keep up the good work! Your fellow countryman.
- Chipo
I must say you are doing very well to be honest. I have liked your writings. When did you graduate from the UNZA of America or UK or wherever? What research are you doing?
- Patson
I hope this note reaches you well. I am an avid reader of the Zambian Economist and thought I'd pass a new and insightful interview we did here within the Justice and Human Rights Domain of the Hauser Center for Nonprofits at Harvard Kennedy School on international aid and development in Africa, international justice, and the Gacaca court system in Rwanda--it would be fantastic if you linked to us or wrote about the article in the your blog!
- Rahim
My name is Brian, I am the editor of the World Bank's blog on the financial crisis, and a big fan of Zambian Economist. The World Bank has just released the results of its comprehensive Doing Business series. I noticed that you have discussed Doing Business on Zambian Economist and thought you might be interested in these results.
- Brian
Greetings! I hope this finds you well. I am doing research that includes the Zambia draft constitution. I am finding the Zambian Economist a a very useful site. Thanks for you work
Do you know of any reliable recent analysis of the draft that discusses its changes, strengths and weaknesses? Many thanks for your earliest possible input.
- Thomas
My name is Kate, and I am a political scientist specializing in the politics of sub-Saharan Africa. I recently completed my PhD at Columbia, and I am currently a fellow at the Center for the Study of Democracy (CSDP) at Princeton University.I have been meaning to e-mail you for almost a year, as I am an avid follower of your blogs. In addition, we share an interest in the role of traditional leaders in modern democracies and in Zambia in particular. 
- Kate
I read one of your book reviews and visited your website and found that your work is amazing! We run a free development magazine called Global South Development Magazine which can be accessed online. 
- Manoj
I am a Canadian lawyer and have been following your website. I am working to promote engineering education in the region, so when I started digging for more information about Zambia, your site came highly recommended. I just wanted to mention that I find your site to be an excellent source of information. I have particularly been enjoying your analysis of the constitutional amendments.
- Shannon